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Spend Analytics - SP6 patch

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Hi all,

We have performance problems with Spend Analytics in production system. So that, we implement the SP6 patch 1 in portal development system. Besides, we follow the steps through the SDN document:

At last, we started the testing of the reports with this upgrade and we saw the folloging:

1) In the ratios where you can choose the "local currency" and "transactional currency" , the checkbox "currency" is disabled.

2) In the "properties" of the reports, the url dissapeared. We need this URL for others requirements.

3) When we maximize the windows in order to see more rows of the report, We can not enter the name of Dimensions and / or ratios in the dialog box. This dialog box is located in the left of the monitor and it is used to search de dimensions or ratios quickly.

4) We modified the model with certains extra characteristics and the Sp6 patch was applied in BW too. So, does it replace the old model with new modifications? I dont see any variation in BW model....



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Hi Gaston,

1) could you calrify this point? I'm not sure what is meant here

2) Have you saved your report? You need to have saved the report for the URL to exist. I still see a URL on SP6 P3.

3) Note 1603200 was released to describe this behaviour. This is an Adobe Flex design limitation, rather than an SPM one. Check this link for a work around that may help. [|]

4) Patches do also affect the ABAP side, however it does not reinstall business content. Some ABAP changes changes are released as separate notes. You can view all of these by looking at all of the notes and filtering on EPM-SA as the "Application Area". Consult note 1424521 SPM 2.1 "central release note", that gives a summary of expected changes both in the UI and on the ABAP stack.

Hope this helps,

Kind regards,