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Some of the Sales documents are not getting auto transfer to GTS system.

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Hello All,

We are facing an issue that ' Some of the sales orders are not getting an auto transfer to GTS system.

Eg: document type OR we are having 10 sales documents out of 10 some are getting an auto transfer to GTS, remaining documents are not getting an auto transfer. if we run manually the remaining documents are getting an update.

Recently we have updated the feeder system from ECC to S4 HANA.

We couldn't getting any error messages and there are no logs in SLG1.

Can any one help me on this issue.


Narayan k

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Hi Narayana,

1. Check SM58 T-code in your S/4 system using sales order creation date. Also check T-code ST22 in GTS for any possible dumps.

2. If point 1 is not solving your issue, identify the sales order having this issue. Do some changes on sales order like quantity. Before saving the order put breakpoint as below:

Get an ABAPer. Put a break point in S/4 in Function module /SAPSLL/CD_SD0A_R3 at line number 129 . Then further debug it to see if RFC Function Module /SAPSLL/API_6800_SYNCH is called or not. In successful case you should get SY-SUBRC as 0. If not then analyse further to find the issue.