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Single Customs Export declartion with multiple invoices


Hi Expert,

I would liket to create single export declartion with multiple pro-foma invoices. I do not whether this transaction- /SAPSLL/CUS_INV_R3 will help ?

Can you please provide thought



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The correct approach would be creating 1 proforma for multiple deliveries which you want to ship together. Then in GTS will have 1 declaration for 1 proforma(containing multiple deliveries items) and you get approval for it at once.

Now some suggestions that can be done:

Manual Process:

Create Proforma via VF01 for multiple deliveries you want to ship together. On saving proforma 1 customs declaration created in GTS which is sent to customs to provide approval.

Automatic Process:


1 Create Shipment document by consolidating multiple deliveries

2. Configure an output type in shipment which automatically creates proforma Invoice. That output type contains a z program to create Proforma. The timing of automatically triggering of output type can be done example when user click 'check in' button in shipment. You can try controlling the further activities in shipment like Loading start until you get the customs approval from GTS. This will handle your scenario to get approval for multiple deliveries by using just 1 proforma and 1 customs declaration in GTS.

Best Regards,