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Settlement Issue in RAR

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Hello All:

We are implementing RAR 1.3 SP03 and in realisation phase now.

Our scenario is we execute RA then transfer the POC to RAR , transfer revenue posting and do settlement.

Now for a we are getting update in COSB with KABE Business transaction as per OKG4 & OKG5 Config, now issue is when we execute RA for WBS we get RA Revenue as per POC is updated on COSB-KABG say for 10000 $ and now RAR post Revenue as per POC Transferred for say 10000 $ and update COSB- KABE for 10000,

Look of COSB after RA & RAR Revenue postings;

1,COSB-KABE - 10000 from RA (VLRV)

2. COSB-KABG- 10000 from RAR (VLRV)

now during settlement both of these values are settled to COPA so in FI we got 10000 Revenue from RAR postings but in COPA we are settling 20000 (10K from KABG and 10K in KABE).

Any idea what is the issue here ?

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Hi ,

Was this issue resolved?



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Check your line ID category.

The line id category for the account that is determined via your SD billing must be set to 'E' and the new line id that you have created for RAR that must be set to 'R'.

This will make sure the revenue is not doubled when you make settlement.

Hope this helps.


Vijay V