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Server Manager backup SQL connection error

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Exactly same problem as discussed in [SAP BPC Server Manager Backup Problem|;. The solution provided didn't work. I followed the steps given. I restarted the app server. But the problem still persists.

I hope someone can provide further advice. (I am considering to restart the database server).


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From SQL Server log, I noticed few lines of "Login failed for user xxx\userid. Reason: Failed to open the explicitly specified database. [CLIENT:]"

What does this mean? The Server Manager (SM) is unable to connect to the database? If so, how can I reset the userid/password? Do I use the "reset server credential" option in the SM?

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Hi Zikif

It means that the user which is running the ServerManager.exe process doesn't have rights to log into SQL Server. You can simply launch Server Manager with credentials to log into SQL Server. Typically this will be the account used to run the COM+ components. (The user account which is running BPC)

Hope this helps

Kind Regards


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Hi Daniel,

I reset the passwords and it is working fine now.