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Screen enhancement in Contract Conditions tab & RERAPP

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To meet one of our business requirement, we are thinking of introducing two check boxes in condition stab under conditions sub-tab say A and B.

The idea to bring this A & B to RERAPP selection screen similar in lines with condition and condition purpose and then do the posting based on this as filter criteria.


Conditions in Contract:

CO01 with purpose 'Actual Rent" and 'A' checked RO1

CO01 with purpose 'Actual Rent" and 'B' checked RO2

CO02 with purpose 'Actual Rent" and 'B' checked RO1

CO02 with purpose 'Actual Rent" and 'A' checked RO2

In RERAPP we should be able to select say:

CO01 & CO02

Actual Rent

'A' checked

This way, we should be able to post only 1st and last condition.

Please advise


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Answers (2)

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For what reason do you want to separate the posting of conditions in one contract? Normally you say about the due date at which date the condition has to be posted. If e.g. at date X you only want to post condition A, so why you have condition B in this validy time slice?

It looks pretty complicated like you said it, so can you please explain the reason for this situation?


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Hi Rakesh,

With example mentioned above, I dont understand that why your requirement is not getting fulfilled with standard system.

If you want to post first and last condition then you can select CO01 in condition type selection and RO1 in Rental Object selection.

In this way you would be able to post first condition only.Then if you follow the same way for CO01 and RO2, your last condition will be posted.

Please elaborate a little if its not fulfilling your case.



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RO selection in RERAPP is not meant to select all conditions from selected contracts for that RO but is meant to select all contracts that have the same RO assigned.

You may try this:

Assign say RO1 and RO2 to Contract 1.

Assign two conditions one with RO1 and another with RO2

Run RERAPP with selection of RO as RO1

You will see that both the conditions are being posted.

Moreover my requirement can be met only by adding few more filter criterias in conditions tab and doing enhancement in RERAPP on the same lines of condition type/ purpose

Hope this information helps


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Hi Rakesh,

Duplicate condition formulae for your A & B criteria can be created,


Z1 - Fixed amount for A criteria

Z2 - Fixed amount for B criteria

Now you just need to enhance RERAPP so as to get a selection criteria based upon the condition formula.


Hardik Sharma