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Scheduled File Import File Management

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Hi Experts,

Has anyone used the scheduled file import functionality to import files and then renamed or moved he source files to another directory?  If so, how did you do so?
Our client wants to automate the import of budget and actual source data files and track old file progress.

Thanks in advance.

Eyal Feiler

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Eyal,

You can achieve this. One of the ways the actual file transfer to BW server directory (AL11).

In a customer scenario, we had a third party transferring the file securely to the ftp location. The file used to come to a designated directory in AL11. We had couple of folders here. A script used to move the last file from the folder to an archive folder when a new file comes in. Talk to basis team for a possibility of this.

From BPC side, the import file section of the package all you have to write is the link to the directory. You can type the link there.

Hope this gives some idea to you.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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as Varun mentioned BPC doesn't have file import functionality out of the box that would be able to access another server outside BW. You can create a BAdi and link it to a data manager package which you will be able to schedule from BPC.

However first your organization will need to figure out if it makes sense to manage the import process from BPC, BW or another interface.


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Hi Eyal,

I dont think so. this is not possible to schedule upload of Flat File automatically.

Client can only schedule the Data Manager Package of Loading the Flat File. But it will have to upload the Flat File on server that will be used by the DM manualy some time before the DM schedule.