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SAP Subscription Billing pagination header capitalization change

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Hi everyone,

We use pagination on some of the SAP Subscription Billing APIs. One example is GET transferrable bills, but this could be used for GET rate plan templates or others. We use the header X-Pagecount in the iflow (capital X and capital P). This matches what is still in the documentation at

The header used to match the format of X-Pagecount just like in the documentation above. Below is a screenshot taken in Postman from before we implemented pagination:

Today, however, we see x-pagecount with no capitalization.

Is there a place we can see documentation for these kind of changes? I don't see it in the Subscription Billing What's New or the What's New for APIs.

We also don't see the change reflected on, as you can see above.


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Hi Chris,

After a short investigation, we identified the reason of the change: BTP (formerly known as SCP) has done an update in a recent release that changed the format of the HTTP header fields, exactly as you observed. Here is an extract of the corresponding documentation:

"Please note that the SAP BTP, Cloud Foundry environment release containing HTTP header field changes has been scheduled to March 16, 2021. With this release, HTTP header field names will be converted to lower case.

This change is done in compliance with the HTTP/1.1 RFC 7230 which defines header names to be case insensitive."

Thanks for pointing it out, we will adapt our documentation accordingly.

Have a great day,

Élodie Brenker

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Thank you Élodie. I will pay better attention to BTP documentation.