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SAP Subscription Billing API scopes show uaa.resource in the middle of the scope text

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When mark.bernabe and I use the Subscription Billing API authorization URL to get the token in Postman, we can also see a list of scopes that these API keys are good for. The "scopes" are similar to this (I made it shorter for this post):

"scope": "revenue-cloud!b43.subscription-cancellation_overrule-terms uaa.resource revenue-cloud!b43.product-rc_view revenue-cloud!b43.rate-plan-template_view",

What does uaa.resource mean? Does it affect my scopes? I did not include this in the json file I used when creating my instance keys in the SAP BTP Cockpit (formerly Cloud Platform Cockpit). I can't find documentation on this scope (is it a scope even?) in the BTP configuration guide for SAP Subscription Billing nor anywhere else in the SAP Subscription Billing product guides at

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Hi Christopher,

The uaa.resource scope is added by default with Subscription Billing authentication mechanism. No worry, it doesn't affect your scopes.