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SAP REFX – Usage of (RECN - Condition Tab ) Formula : E1 – Percentage Share in a condition.

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Dear Experts,

I would like have a clarification on the usage of Formula: E1 – (Percentage Share in a condition) for a contract type in Refx  - contract ( In conditions Tab ).

Lets take the scenario as below for example :

Whenever I am adding a condition    ZREN - Basic Rent : XXXXXX  Rs/ month.

System has to pick a second condition ( Over head charges ) as default and it should be calculated 20% of the amount as overheads on BASIC RENT amount.

This 20% should come as default ( Because user cant change this % for anything while creation of contract).

So I have adopted the config changes as below.

SPRO - Flexible Real Estate Management (RE-FX) -- Conditions and Flows -- Default Conditions -- Define Default Conditions – selected my condition group – added new entries- assigned a new condition type as my over heads –

Unit price as – 20 %

  1. Formula: E1
  2. Formula Parameter: selected - BASIC RENT condition ( ZREN )

Is there any other config to be done ( Like adding the Derivation rules - if need Pls Clarify) to fulfill my requirement, B cas after  doing above config my overhead charges condition is not flowing by default, even after manual insertion of Over head charges condition its not taking 20 % as default.( Its asking to enter manually).

Kindly advise to get the same.



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Mr. Narnei,

If both the conditions are added manually, the condition with E1 as the calculation formula, say ZE1- Perc Share can automatically pick up the value from ZREN - Basic Rent and do the calculation.

For this you just need to specify the condition in the parameter field in the path: Flexible Real Estate Management (RE-FX) -> Conditions and Flows -> Condition Types and Condition Groups -> Define Condition Types. Also specified in the pictorial below.

For populating default conditions at contract creation based of different parameters, you would need to implement the badi BADI_RECN_CONTRACT. You can also add additional validation such as, if ZREN - Basic Rent is added to the contract it is mandatory to add ZE1.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,

Hardik Sharma

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Dear Mr.Hardik Sharma,

Thank you so much  for your inputs and clarity in givng the solution, as you advised i have to implement the badi BADI_RECN_CONTRACT, to bring the condition automatically.

(For populating default conditions at contract creation based of different parameters ).

Thanks a lot for your quick & effective advise.

Best Regards,


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