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SAP PaPM process extension using R

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Hello Experts,

How can I work on process extension using R in PaPM. Plotting chart and trend analysis using R in PaPM.

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Hello anusshri,

you may integrate R script in PaPM on-premise with remorte function adapter (RFA). In an environment first create a function of type Remote Function Adapter. On the UI of this function choose Remote Function Adapter type: HANA R Script. You'd then be able to code R scripts on the tab "Rules".

In the sample content Agile Plan and Forecast Modeling (e.g. version 9 or 10) you would find a few examples of R script RFA.

In order to use R script in PaPM you would also need to configure the R server for the underlying HANA instance. More detailed information please refer to HANA document: R Integration with SAP HANA.

Plots unfortunately couldn't be pulled to HANA database by now. They may be converted to images and returned to HANA.

I hope it would be helpful.

Best regards,

Zhiyi Tang