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SAP GRC (Nfe 10.0) - Error while processing message payload Attribute 'versao' expected

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Hi Dears:

They could assist in tracking that generated the error below? Apparently the invoice was engaged (stopped) but it was not possible to continue processing the lot, I had to finalize manual. In recent days we had an increase of NFE engaged.(stopped)

I had to cancel the batch processing, as indicated below, to solve the user's problem and release to exit the truck. However, as suggested by the GRCNFe, it must be verified irregularities in the PI Monitor.

I consulted the message monitor XI at the approximate time of the problem, and found this error line, which I believe is related to the invoice, we have the following error Payload.

<SAP:Stack>Error while processing message payload Attribute 'versao' expected</SAP:Stack>

I researched in some forums, and apparently this error occurs when you are not being sent any field that is mandatory in XML. In this case, the message would be the version, but it is informed XML.

Do you know why sometimes the invoices stayed stopped (blocked) at GRC?


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Please, someone can help?


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