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SAP GRC AC: Field value not populated from backend

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Hello Experts,

When creating an access request in ARM, custom field which is assigned to user license details do not display any value. This error occurs only when User Detail Data Source is set as "HR", when I change it to "SU01" everything works perfectly.

Already tested on both 10.0 and 10.1 AC versions with different service packs, that error occurs on all of them.

I have already send that question to SAP Support and got the following answer:

If the data source is HR then only those data are displayed which are visible in PA20 and PA30. The license type is not stored in HR, so the custom field cannot display its content. When the data source is SU01 the proper content will be available to the access request.

So looking for any input how to resolve that problem...Any ideas?

Someone had a similar problem? How did you resolve it?

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Hi Andrzej,

you can get rid of the connectors in provisioning. Just remove it by restricting authorizations of end users so they won't be able to see it.