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SAP GRC AC - EAM with Fiori Launchpad

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Hi experts,

Is it possible to log the activities executed in the Fiori Launchpad in the EAM module? If so, is this working for centralized and decentralized EAM configuration?

Thank you!

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Dear Mercedes,

it depends on what do you mean "log activities". Firefighter logs contains many log sources, and different activities are collected (you can check the sources by checking the following four Notes: 1770922, 2901403, 3029257, 3035168). So if you click on a tile and run a Fiori Application currently you will not get any information what tiles are executed (it is a client side information, which can be very easily manipulated, hence there are no accurate information available about it). However if a change is made in the application which invokes Change log entries, and the change is made in the same system where the Firefighter ID User Session is initiated then it will be collected and you will see those entries in the Firefighter Logs. Speaking in a more simple way, Log collection will check the above log sources on the system where the Firefighter Session was initiated and collects all of them which was made by the Firefighter ID in the timeframe between the logon and the calculated logoff time.

Web Based Firefighter is only works in Centralized system due to the session limitation of SAPGUI for HTML, hence decentralized Firefighter can not be used to reach Fiori Launchpad.

Best regards, Mate