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SAP FPSL - FI Integration

In SAP FPSL, Documents send a to FI, Can i send Different Document types from FPSL to SAP FI based on any condition? if suppose the standard is SA, if i need to change it to ZA, can I? if yes.. what's the process?

Can any one help me out on this ? #SAPDocumentType#SAPFPSL #FPSL

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Yes, it is possible to send different document types from SAP FPSL to SAP FI based on certain conditions.

To change the standard document type SA to ZA in SAP FPSL, you can follow the below steps:

Go to transaction code SM30 and enter table view V_TFACS_FS_FI_GL.

Select the appropriate company code for which you want to change the document type.

In the "FI Document Type" column, change the existing value from "SA" to "ZA".

Save the changes.

Once you have made this change, any new documents created in SAP FPSL for this company code will be posted to SAP FI with the document type "ZA" instead of "SA". However, any existing documents that were created before this change will still have the old document type "SA".

It is important to note that any changes to standard SAP tables should only be made after thorough testing and validation, and with the proper authorization and approvals in place.

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Thank you for the quick Response

I really appreciated

But .. the table in SM30 "V_TFACS_FS_FI_GL" poping up as "Its not in the Dictionary"..

I need to send two document types based on certain field value.. Ex: ZA and ZB ..few need to go ZA and other to ZB..

Then where I need to do changes in SAP FPSL ?