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Dear experts,

I hope you are doing well

Please we have a question and we want a recommendation from you

We will perform an installation of EPM products (IPS, FIM and FC) at a customer

On the SAP HANA database side, we proposed to create a tenant for each application:

• 1 instance: HFC
• 3 tenants:
o tenant of DataServices & IPS
DS schema
PS schema
o tenant of SAP FC
FCPROD schema
FCPARAM schema
FCTEST schema
o Tenant of FIM
FIM schema
Is it recommended to make 3 or 2 schemas in the same tenant?
If yes, can we do a export/import for One schema to another environments?

Or we can just create a tenant for each application?

For example:
One tenant for IPS
One tenant for FCProd
One tenant for FCParam
One tenant for FCTest
One tenant for FIM

Thank you in advance

Best Regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


We are running FC 10.1 on Hana since 4 years now. Each component is on a dedicated tenant for some reasons:

- backup/restore facility by tenant (It is very simple to create/refresh the FCTest with the FCProd backup). Tenant can be easily moved on another server. Management operation are faster and better with backup than export/import.

- you could have better ressources management with tenants versus schemas epecially to preserve the memory for the FCProd tenant versus the FCTest.

- Some licence consideration could be taken in account in case of Hana "blade" licensing because the license (/ 64GB block) apply on the productive tenant only (with schemas you cannot separate them).

As far as I know, only the BFC use of Hana must be covered by Hana License. FIM and IPS can be "freely" implemented on Hana

The memory overhead of each tenant is generally acceptable (6 Go) regarding the size of the FCPro ?

In my opinion - if the Hana size must be restricted, the FCParam, IPS or even FIM (in fact Data Services) could be mutualized because they have more ore less the same lifecycle on the same tenant (same backup/restore/disaster recovery rules) and the size is generally small in comparison with FC.

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