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SAP CPQ ERP/S/4 HANA Quotation Replication

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Hi All,

As out of box solution we know that quotations from SAP CPQ gets replicated to SAP ERP or S/4 HANA as sales order and the status of quotation in SAP CPQ sets to order placed.

Is it possible to replicate SAP CPQ quotation as quotation in SAP ERP or S/4 HANA? Which API can be used to achieve this? Do I need to do any developments in CPI or SAP ERP for the same? Any hints or inputs can be provided?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi gauri.nargunde

This can be achieved as a standard, The only thing you need to change is the document type in the CPI under iflow 'Create Sales Quote Follow Up Document in SAP Business Suite'. So whenever the CPQ quote is getting sent to S/4 or ERP it will consider ERP's sales quote document type.

For example, In below screenshot, the document type is "ZOR" which is Sales Order's document type in the S4. Instead of this if you maintain the Sales Quote's document type, this interface will create a quote in S4.

Hope this will solve your requirement.



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Hi Nikhil
thank you for your answer posted 
I am new to both CPI and CPQ, so please pardon me for my noob question,
We can change the sales document but how will we change the mapping . I could find only 1 message mapping in CPI references tab and it is for salesales order.

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