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SAP CC - ServerFailureException - unsupportedFailure - No Failure message specified


Dear All,

We seeing the error message "ServerFailureException - unsupportedFailure - No Failure message specified" every now and then in our CC logs after we call the blank charge service. The service returns this error message, but repeating the same API call a second -or less- after return a successful response.

This is despite the fact that all instances of CC are up and runnning.

Is anyone familiar with this issue? what could we check / look at to make sure our CC set-up is correct?

Thanks in advance

Karim D.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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This kind of message could indicate an issue on SAP CC configuration. I suggest you to increase the trace severity (to DEBUG) in order to have more detail in the TRC file when the issue will occur. Then, open an incident on the SAP Convergent Charging component (IS-CC) by adding the trace files (*.trc) and the log files (*.log) from all instances of SAP CC.

Best regards,

Eric F.

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