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SAP CC check BIT files loaded to CI

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Hi Experts,

Is there a way to check if the same BIT file is loaded again by SAP CC to SAP CI? We would like to see if there's any way we can check if SAP CC has the possibility of loading the BIT file again causing duplicates for example in SAP CI. Probably some kind of logs where we can search for the file name or transaction id and check if there are 2 instances this file or transaction id has been processed by the bulkloader for example.


Steve Stifler

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Thank you Francois as usual for the detailed response!

Point b is the most probable cause but we're trying to find if we can prove it. We are trying to look for a file that the bulkloader processed twice using the LDF1 logs however we are not sure if this is reliable since we're thinking the bulkloader could have renamed the file again (e.g. the file timestamp based from the time it was processed).

b. CC/charged item folder: check for CTL and ERR files, and verify the INVALID/COM_EXCEPTION folders
If you know approximately when the BIT's were created etc., you can check all places that may contain error reports, and see whether those reports involve your duplicate BIT's.
For example, if CI first rejected some items as invalid, it may be that you solved the issue manually (e.g., by adjusting the BIT mapping), and that you then fed the same item file twice to the bulkloader, for some reason.

For point e, the SRCTAID are the same for the duplicated transaction.