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SAP BYD : automatic clearing memo lines reprocessing rules for suppliers - direct debit payment meth

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Dear SAP BYD Finance Community,

I hope you can help me with this recurring question from customers , here goes the challenge : 

I have two cases : Bank Statements  / Suppliers with direct debit, do you know how to set up a memo line rule to clear automatically bank statements on SAP Business by Design (the S4 logic doesn't apply) :

- when I see the NAME of the supplier only (not the suppliers ID) : can we create an automatic downpayment on the supplier's account to clear this post ? 

- When I see the invoice ID (supplier's invoice external reference) : to automatically clear the invoice 

Thanks a tone for your help !! 

A desperate user in France :),

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Depending on localization and bank statement format an identification based on Supplier Name only most likely would lead to an on-account payment.

More promising would be the 2nd approach identifying the External Down-Payment Request Invoice Reference via employing a memo-line rule of type '1 - Open Payable External Reference'.

If for example fixed characters in front of the ext. reference are conveyed a Rule Definition Mode 'Search Term' could be used; but this is subject to applied format and content.

In case the open DPR-Invoice would be unambiguously identified with matching amounts - the Outgoing Direct Debit would clear the DPR-Invoice and a Down Payment over the same amount would be created automatically.

Hope this helps,