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SAC Planning Data Action & Allocation in a single step

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Hi All,

In SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) Planning, we have a requirement to transfer values (from one cost center to another) booked on the head office, in %'s that would be specified by the users.

In the below example, Head office has Rs 1,000/- expenditure, the user would mention 50% to be allocated to Warehouse & 20% to be allocated to Ecom team 

BEFORE Allocation



After he mentions the %'s, the expectation is that the values in the columns should look as seen below: -

AFTER Allocation



How can we achieve this in SAC using a Data action step (since the user is using the microsoft office SAC excel add in & hence we wouldnt want to use the distribute/redistribute feature present in the story).


@N1kh1l if you could please provide any inputs in achieving this.





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For others who have a similar requirement, I created a Data action


DATA([d/Profit_center] = "Ecom allocated") = RESULTLOOKUP([d/Profit_center] = "HO") * %Ecom_Percentage% / 100


DATA([d/Profit_center] = "RM allocated") = RESULTLOOKUP([d/Profit_center] = "HO") * %RM_Percentage% / 100
DATA.APPEND([d/Profit_center] = "HO") = RESULTLOOKUP([d/Profit_center] = "RM allocated") * -1 // -ve offset on HO
DATA.APPEND([d/Profit_center] = "HO") = RESULTLOOKUP([d/Profit_center] = "Ecom allocated") * -1 // -ve offset on HO


I kept the data append in the 2nd step for both Ecom & Raw material to ensure that the base value considered for both the steps is the same.