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Run Package Link from Excel Macro

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HI, All!

We have BPC 10 NW.

We are trying to call a macro which one calls a DATA MANAGER PACKAGE LINK. Unfortunately, we receive an error when we try to run. When we run the package link from EPM AddIn button, it is working well. May anybody help us?


Sub Botão12_Clique()

Dim EPM As New FPMXLClient.EPMAddInAutomation

EPM.DataManagerRunPackageLink "Projeta Meta Compra Venda1", "Projeta Meta Compra Venda1"

End Sub


Visual Basic Microsoft error:

Error in execution time '-1073479167 (c0040201)':

Data not found at tab (UJD_PACKAGE_LINK)

It seems that we didn't insert the package link ID... When we look at Package Link List (see attached), we saw Name and Description... And where can we see the ID?

Best regards,

Ana Teresa

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Run your package link using Data Manager-->Run Package-->Run Package link

Then system will generate one entry in table UJD_LINK_LOG.

**Go to SE16 enter table name as UJD_LINK_LOG and key in LINK_NAME as "Projeta Meta Compra Venda1" and click Execute.

**Copy LINK ID for respective result ( its unique ID with length of 25chars)

Or you can get Link ID from table UJD_LINK based on creation time stamp and user ID.

Once you get the Link Id go back to macro and change parameters as follows :

EPM.DataManagerRunPackageLink  <Link Id from UJD_LINK_LOG/UJD_LINK>,"Projeta Meta Compra Venda1"

Parameters :

Link id is unique id of package link

Link Name is Package link name - Not a description of package link

Hope it works...



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Tks a lot! It's working well now!

Best Regards,

Ana Teresa

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