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RTC Error in balance Carry forward ( Could not enter characteristic value for entity with SID)

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While running balance carry forward in RTC - Real Time Consolidation I am facing issue related to master data.

Error reading the data of InfoProvider ZCP_CONS1$X

Could not enter characteristic value 1013 with SID 2 in table /B631/SCOMPCODE

Errors occurred during parallel processing of query 8, RC: 3

Error while reading data; navigation is possible

Business Rule CARRY_FORWARD ended with errors

Query !!AZAL_CONS1 (instance ID 051Me1{K7kY0Xksg6MnM6G) has been closed Data area DEFAULT has been closed

I checked the table /B631/SCOMPCODE which is SID table for /ERP/COMPCODE infoobject. Now we are dealing with hana views for master data, so I was not sure how this SID table is getting updated. Though I can see data for other entities but not for 1013.

I am running BCF for another entity and not 1303 which is causing error. But it seems system checks all entities transaction data present in ACDOCC.

Data in /B631/SCOMPCODE

/B631/S_COMPCODE SID CHCKFL DATAFL INCFL 0 true true true 1502 2 true true true 2001 3 true true true 2501 4 true true true

Any help or input would be really helpful.



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Answers (1)

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Fixed the issue, Number range of /ERP/COMPCODE infoobject was issue. Repaired the number range issue in RSRV and it works fine now.