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Revaluation values for Fixed Assets reversed when created using Migrate Your Data-Migration Cockpit

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On Public Cloud, using "Migrate Your Data - Migration Cockpit" app (F3473), Revaluation values are being filled with subledger values 07203 and 07204 on “Posted Values” tab.

The problem is that these values are being reversed on the next schedule depreciation. This should not happen, the revaluation values migrated for on premise projects (using BUS1022 FIXEDASSET_CREATEINCLVALUES) were not programed to be reversed on the next period.

Also, revaluation values registered using AppID ABAWL are not being reversed on Public Cloud, this should be the same case for migration legacy values. 

How should we register the values on the template so that the system does not reverse them on the next period? Should we use subledger values different than 07203 and 07204? And if so, which ones should we use?

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Use the tab "Transaction Items" to transfer the revaluation posting, for example by using an asset transaction type like 891 (Revaluation (debit) prior year).
Before doing this it would highly recommend to follow the best practise as described in the documentation, for example here or here, and to test the posting first via the manual posting to see if the desired result matches your expectations.

Transfer Legacy Assets with the SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit:

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