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RERAPP on Debit and Credit condition of the same contract in the same perio

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Hello Gurus

I have a scenario here. My client wants a contract that specifies the tenant as a customer , and also as a vendor.When i try to make a periodic posting run i am getting the following error:

Sales tax data do not define output tax.

Actually i have a debit condition and a credit condition assigned to the same contract, when i probe the error message by double clicking on it , this is the full error text:

Sales tax data do not define output tax

Message no. RECD078


In Customizing of the contract type, the setting in the user/offerer field specifies whether this is a customer contract (company code is the offerer) or a vendor contract (company code is the user). Depending on this setting, the posting term expects output tax (customer contract) or input tax (vendor contract) as sales-tax data.


Switch to maintenance of posting terms, and correct this error there.

how can i assign 2 different tax types one input and one output to the same customer contract.

Very much await your response


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By definition it is not possible, but here's a work around. Of course may not be best practice though.

Do you have Input Tax and Output tax on the Rents you Pay and Bill? If it 0 then your solution is not difficult.

1. Make Tax type as Output tax on both the conditions.

2. Assign customer on both the posting parameters.

3. the Expense account you debit to, make sure accepts Output Tax codes. (*) if possible.

You can now post both credits and debits to same customer account, with rev to rev account and Exp to Exp account. As it was 0 I/P O/P tax there is no impact.

If you do not have a 0 I/p or 0 o/p tax scenario then, on these Contracts, this is little complicated not sure below will work but just being creative, on these conditions put 0 tax codes, and create 2 new conditions with % source condition formula and provide the tax %, assign corresponding accounts (with direct postings allowed). As I said not tried this.



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Hello Gurus

I have tried the option suggested by Rajnikant, but it is still giving the same error message. The issue actually lies on the definition of the contract. This is a commercial lease out in the Offerer User Field on the "contract -change view type details" where you set the contract as either user or offerer. In this case this is a customer contract that should be indicated Offerer " in this field. This automatically detects the tax type to be used as either input or out put tax.

It rather sounds then impossible to assign another tax type to this contracf , ie the input tax.

what can i do to use this other credit condition for the customer in the same contract, or i have to create another vendor contract for the customer.

Much awaiting for your response , thank you so much for your cooperation.



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It is not possible to do the postings for customer & vendor in one contract.

If you have any tax condition types (like service tax , TDS), it will not allow you to do postings. Either it should be output tax (customer) or input tax (vendor).



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Hallo David,

Under the posting tab you can assign two different posting term...

*In each posting term you can assign different type of TAX group.

  • when you assign tax type and tax group just make sure that you have linked the relevant condition type...