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RequestID functionality

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Hi Team,

It is a regular requirement to have the requestid kind of functionality of the BI/BW to be had it BPC.

i.e who did what and when.

I haven't completely thought abt the whole step by step process....but here is a broad roadmap...

We need to implement a Requestid Dimension which replicates the Requestid functionality of BI..

i.e stores the required info..regarding the package who what and when.

In the systemconstants file create a constant for storing request id.

and increment this in your default file... whenever a SSIS package executes or whenever data is sent.

now store this info in requestid Dimension.....

how do we get the userid info?

how do we differentiate between SSIS data send and a regular data send..?

or do we need any other info to be stored in this Dimension.?

Please Gurus and all try to help put more bones and flesh on this idea

has anybody implemented this kind of functionality.?

please do not suggest to use audit functionality...

thnx for your time...any ideas/suggestions/directions would be much appreciated......

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any inputs on this...

thnx again for your time...