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Region of Origin ( in case of COO - DE)

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I'm configuring Customs export process for Germany.

My Question: The Field CUROO ( Region of Origin) becomes mandatory and shows up under in-completion log only when the Country of Origin is DE. How can I make this field optional?

There is no field for CUROO maintained under incompleteness procedure. I have checked under function group ( /SAPSLL/INCOMP_CHECK_DE ) but I am not able to pin point where exactly this check is happening.

Communication Messages in the document: M0910

Appreciate any help on this regard.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Pradeep,

The incompletion checks for Germany are hard-coded, since the localization must be certified by the authorities.  You therefore cannot - and should not - make any changes.  I think you will find that the existing functionality is exactly as required by the ATLAS system.



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Thanks Dave.

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