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Reg : S4 Internal Price calculation CPQ

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Hello Experts, 

Mapped the VPRS condition type under the pricing condition mapping with step counter 940 to the quote custom field within CPS. While the value for the VPRS condition type was successfully copied from the valuation segment of the material master in S4, it's not being determined correctly in CPS.


I assume, correct me if I am wrong, the reason could be that the functionality doesn't work due to the runtime calculation and determination not being based on the condition stored record value in CPS.

Does this need to be addressed through a pricing extension?

I have found the required attribute, but I am not sure how to use it in "General Attribute mapping".








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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi @elenchelvan.

Regarding the Pricing Requirements formulas 4 and 22: If you provide a pricing attribute with name INDICATOR_IC and value "X" for an item when calling Pricing service, then the formula will be evaluated as true and the corresponding condition type will be considered.

In SAP CPQ, you can define such a pricing attribute in SAP General Attribute Mappings: Reference Characteristics and Pricing Attributes | SAP Help Portal
See there also section 'Evaluating Pricing and Reference Attributes Per Item'.

But you are right, Pricing service cannot determine costs or taxes if they are not maintained in condition records. See for example point 5. in 2894167 - Differences between Pricing service and ERP’s sales pricing - SAP for Me.

In general, if a condition type has data source other than 'Condition Technique',


then Pricing service will consider it as external condition and could be filled when calling the service through the following item structure:


That would mean, SAP CPQ would have to know the costs per quote item and would have to pass that information to the Pricing service. But as of today, SAP CPQ does not support passing data to Pricing service's externalConditions item structure.

I heard from SAP consultants that implemented enhancements in SAP CPQ that fetched cost information from the backend through a custom BAPI. But not sure for what it was then used in CPQ and if that was for quote 1.0 or quote 2.0.

I doubt that implementing something like this as a remote extension in Pricing service will work: Could be that for example a value formula would not be processed at all for a condition type like VPRS, because no condition record was found. 

Maybe someone from SAP CPQ community can share here how they solved this in their project?