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RECD038 The Calculation formula does not supply any value

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Dear Guru:

step 1. I create new formula

Internal Formula : Object Measurement (Any)

parameter 1 : U001 (measurement type)

paramter 2 : m3

step 2: I create new condition type (Z000) and assign with my new formula

step 3. I create contract and insert new measurement type U001 for ex. 100 m3

step 4. insert new condition type (Z000) and put Unit price

the cal = 0 and message " The Calculation formula does not supply any value"

pls help why system not read U001 in the contract and multiply with unit price

Thx in advance.

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If you put measurement U001 in contract measurements, the Internal formula you have configured should be 'Contract Measurement', not 'Object Measurement'. Remember that if calculation object is not a contract you have to connect contract measurement with proper object assigned to the contract.