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reading property values in script

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Is reading property value in script logic not supported in NW version.

For example, can we write something like this?


*IS *



(everything is case-sensitive here)

When I try to validate it, it gives an error " Member Entity.CURRENCY doesn't exist"

If this is not supported then what is a work around in NW version?

Thanks, John

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Answers (2)

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Closing the thread.

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Yes reading property values in BPC NW script logic is supported. Try enclosing your dimension and member names in brackets.


Also check to be certain that unique CURRENCY values are available as dimension members in RptCurrency.

You should also be aware that the *REC statement requires use of either FACTOR or EXPRESSION.


You can see some useful examples in the [Documentation Addendum |]which accompanies SAP Note [1306898|] BPC 7.0 SP02 NW Central Note.

Best regards,

[Jeffrey Holdeman|]

SAP BusinessObjects

Enterprise Performance Management

Regional Implementation Group

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Thanks Jeff!

Do you also know if we can use Time Offsets in NW version like PRIOR, NEXT, etc.

Also are there any performance impacts by using the above statement ( [Entity].[CURRENCY]) to refer to property values as it seems to be MDX-based?

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I solved it.

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I have been trying to do the same thing without any success and I found documentation that it could not be done:


I have the following piece of code:


This will not validate in BPC 7.0 SP4 admin. It will validate successfully when written as:


but it fails when run through Data Manager.

Any input you have would help.



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On the link I listed in the previous note use this path to find where it states functionality is not supported:

Administration --> Business Caluculations --> Logic --> Script Logic --> Key Word Reference --> *REC