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RE-FX - Transaction RERAPP - No cash flow planned records found in selected

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Hi everybody.

I am running the transaction RERAPP - periodic posting: contracts, and the following message is returned:

No cash flow planned records found in selected period

Message no. RERAPP012

Someone knows how to solve?

Thank you.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Lucas,

The following are the reasons for the message.

1. In the Terms tab of RECN, next to contract start date you can find a field called "Cash flow start date", Check whether it is start date of the contract or not, as based on that date system generates(plans) cash flow which gets posted by RERAPP.

2. In the RERAPP screen due date field by default shows <= symbol, means any cash flow planned before or on the date given should be posted. So, check your RERAPP Run's Due date and Green color symbol next to it, and enter contract end date there to see cash flow.

3. In some cases i observed that if you reverse your RERAPP postings and try to rerun RERAPP with modified condition amount, system showing the above message, so in this case we need to regenerate the cash flow using the regenerate cash flow Transaction code available in RE-FX> Tools> Cash flow regenerate for the given period, then need to execute RERAPP as explained above.



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Hi Bala.

Great problem was resolved wtih your informations.

Thank you very much.


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Hi Bala,

how we can post RERAPP, where in contract have no cash flow option activated.



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