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RE-FX : Rental Contract Tables for Release and Approval

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I've posted the questions in other questions but I put the wrong tags. I want to ask regarding RE-FX modules.

I am searching for these items :

- Release procedures in RE-FX, how is the procedures set? I have got the information of users who can release the contract from SUIM F_RECN ACTVT 07. However, I have not found the configuration for release procedure.

- Automatic posting for rental contracts, how can I view in SAP if the contracts are automatically posted? I have searched in table SKB1 for automatically posting only for the accounts that the contracts revenue are posted, but I have not found whether SAP will automatically post contract journal as accrued when activated.

- Personnel who release the contracts. For what I know, in order to release the RECN contracts, we have to click on released or activate (this one I'm still not sure), however, I want to know for a period of time, which personnel released the contract. Which T-codes or Tables store this data?

Appreciate for the help



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Ava,

There are many different approaches to releasing contracts. Typically, the rule is the same person who last changed the contract cannot activate it and any time the financial terms of the contract have been changed (amount, term, financial business partner), the contract should lock. This logic simply requires you to enter some code in the contract check BADI and the contract substitute BADI. It meets financial controls and does not require you to maintain a list of users for this process (besides standard SAP security authorizations). If you want a workflow, you would need to code out the workflow engine based on a change in status and most customers use the person responsible to direct the workflow.

Regarding automatic posting of rental objects, the simple answer is they are not automatically posted. Rent postings are made to the general ledger/AP/AR when transaction RERAPP is executed. If you want to see the cashflows related to payments, please see table VICDCFPAY. Accruals for non-periodic payments may be generated with the real estate accrual/deferral functionality (transaction RERAALCN).

Changes made to the contract can be displayed with in the contract by CTRL+SHIFT+F11 or the Change Documents for Object icon or report REISCHGDOCCN.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,

Tom Anderson

SAP Product Manager for Real Estate

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Thank you so much for your answer.

I'm still not sure of some things, as I am really new to RE-FX. You mentioned "Typically, the rule is the same person who last changed the contract cannot activate it and any time the financial terms of the contract have been changed (amount, term, financial business partner), the contract should lock." Is there any way I can check if this system applied in the system or if the system applies other rules?

I downloaded the data from REISCN, and I found some column such as Person Responsible, and Last Edit By, is the "Person Responsible" the one that releases the contract? And if the last edit one is a different user than the person responsible, is it the "Last Changed By" user who activate the contract after the change or the "Person Responsible"?

I am clear about the posting process and also the change document, thank you so much for the information.

I have additional questions also other than the one I asked before, is it possible to make postings after the term has ended? Ex: Term End 2015 and Posting date is 2017.

Thank you.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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The logic I described around contract activation is not standard. It is enabled through a BADI that you would code.

Initially, the Person Responsible is the person who created the contract and is deemed to be responsible for the contract. This can be maintained through a transaction. Every change made to a contract is tracked. The Last Changed By is the person who last made a change to the contract.

You absolutely CANNOT generate a posting from a contract that has expired. Don't know why you would want to. If a contract has expired or terminated, it should not generate postings. If it has been renewed, the renewal rule should be activated, extending the contract for the renewal duration.

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Thank you for the very thorough explanation.

For the person who activate the contract, is there any tables/transaction where the master data is stored? I would like to extract the lists of the contract as well as the person that activate those contracts.

thank you