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Question on Multi-level consolidation

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I am working on a Legal Consolidation Application. Consolidation takes place at two levels. I have set up the necessary properties including the Statutory Application Requirements and the seetings in DHE.

I am able to able to run the multi-level consolidation. However what BPC is doing is when I run the consolidation for the first Level it does not take the values of the consolidation at this level to use to the next level, instead the system is performing a full consolidation for every level. How do I tell BPC to use the values of the first level consolidation for the second level consolidation?

This requirement is because at the first consolidation level certain accounts use a particular rate, however at the second level consolidation these same accounts use different rates.



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Hi Prasanth

I think multi level conso using only the DHE and Parent group is not really a step consolidation in our previous project in consolidation we are doing some scripts to take the consolidated values to one entity that will aggreagate to the next level.

Hope this help

Best regards

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Hi Clodualdo,

I ready your post and I am actually facing same issue with Multi-Level consolidation.

You said in your post that in your previous consolidation you did script logic to take the consolidated values to an entity that will aggregate to the next level.

Can you please share how did you proceed with the script logic to achieve this result.

Thank You Very Much!!