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Provider Contract activation failed in CC

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Dear Experts

We are facing an issue for activation of provider contract in CC. We've validated the ODI steps and all are successful and we've also validated the monitor the distribution, all are seems fine. But we couldn't able to figure out the reason for failing the activation in CC as the last activation date in blank

Request to share your expertise analysis and cause of this issue, it would be really appreciate.



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Answers (2)

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Hi Anil,

If the steps that Deepak mentioned are successfully executed then you need to check further in CC why the activation is failing. So, when you need to activate a contract immediately, you should rather use the "chargingContractActivate" SOAP method:

This recommended approach will process only the targeted contract, instead of going through the whole database.

Alternatively, you may also target several contracts in one request, using "chargingContractBulkActivate":

After you have activated the provider contract with the WS you need to check the rater logs if something went wrong with the activation process. View logs and traces:

◼ Use Admin+ and the logs command to display some logs of the Core Server systems.

Otherway is to open the filesystem on the installed server instance of CC and go to the Rater logs path and check there the log file of the rater.

Hope it helps,


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Hi Anil,

Last activation date in CC contract is set when ODI step step PCCA is executed after provider contract is distributed to SAP CC. If you have this step in the ODI schema, make sure the step is executed after PCEA, i.e. step number of PCEA is marked as PrereqStep. Thanks.