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Profroma Invoice Error in GTS

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Hello All,

Proforma Invoice Transferred from ECC to GTS , and customs document was generated . But i was not able to print the customs document. Following are the errors

1 Executor/Sender has not been maintained in customs document xxxxx

2 business addin /sapsll/form_proc was not called

3 Printing error

4 Action could not be successfully executed.

Please help, we are on GTS 8.0 version, ECC 6.0 version.

Thank you all

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Sri,

this is task for your GTS consultant who implemented your GTS.

Issues are mainly in customizing.

1. Executor/Sender - fill in the declaration manually (can be used data proposal) - look at first tab in declaration and "Processor"

2. BADi needs to be implemented

3. Printer is not customized



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Hi Gabriel

Firstly thanks for responding ,the Error is coming for particular a business partner , and it is not happening for rest of proforma invoices



Edited by: Sri Datta on Feb 28, 2011 2:53 AM

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Does that Busines Partner have a different role than the other ones? Do you have a printing routine that checks something with regards to the Busines Partner?


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