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Problem importing master data to BPC using flat files

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Hi Gurus

Im  running on BPC 7.5 SP 15. I have this issue.

I cannot execute successfully  package to load text file (.csv) for the master data (dimensions). We are using the standar process chain /CPMB/IMPORT_MASTER. After the execution, the error message is cannot find document/directory  (“No se puede encontrar documento/directorio”).  The path file is correct. The file is located in other server. When I run the package, I use this parameters:

Import file: \\10.34.x.x\workbpc\ZOH_CECOS.csv



10.34.x.x is the IP of the server where the file exist. (x.x. only for security)

I have this problem on production system. On development systemn we have the same enviorement  and it works.

We review the configuration of the local directory for SAP BPC in the SAP BW SYSTEM (AIX/ DB2) , and changed  permissions, but the problem persist.

Could you help me determine the root cause for this issue? My local technical partner review this issues and not see clear the cause for this.

Thanks a lot    

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Answers (2)

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Hi Jair

Try uploading the file (. Csv) to BPC server and run the package. To rule out that is problem security in the path of the server where the file is currently.

hope this helps.


Juan Pablo

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Hi Juan.

Uploading the file to the server and then running de package works fine.

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Hi Jair,

As far as I know for standard process chain /CPMB/IMPORT_MASTER the csv file with data has to be located on the same BPC server: \ROOT\WEBFOLDERS\...


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Hi Vadim

Importing the file using a path file was working fine until we migrate our BW servers from windows to AIX (IBM). Then, on development system it works, not in production system