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PO carryfoward by FMJ2

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Hello Experts!

I'm trying to load open purchase orders from 2022 to 2023, without the respective budget, just the PO (test environment). I used the FMJ2 transaction, describing PO, I ran it in test, then final (no error message). And the Status remains the same in the FMAVCR01 report, it continues to commit funds in 2022 and nothing in 2023. I also executed the FMAVCREINIT transaction.

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I guess, by 'load' you mean carry-forward, right? If you execute FMJ2 and there is a positive result (not just 'no error', but a list with the respective documents), you would see the consumption 'shifted' to 2023 in AVC report, without any need to run FMAVCREINIT, if all your FM settings are correct.

First of all, check if POs were indeed carried-forward. You can look at FMIOI table and see if lines with amount type 0300 and 0350 were created. Also, check the FM assignment on those POs, is relevant for AVC. If positive, please, revert back.