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Planning Templates for ADSOs

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Hello, I am on BPC 11.1 on BW4HANA. I am trying to create advanced DSO. My question is - some documentation refers to using templates for planning etc, but when I go to templates, all I see is list of existing adsos. Please advise. thanks

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Manish,

I don't know what you expect from a template. The screen shot shows that you can create an aDSO from other types of InfoProviders, so it is a kind 'copy from' but the copy source is not of necessarily of type aDSO, maybe with the exception of InfoProvider: here in a BW/4 system you only find aDSOs since InfoCubes don't exist any more. In NetWeaver based BW/4 systems you would findalso InfoCubes there.



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