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Planning for 2010

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I have to do a planning for my Sales Division for 2010. I need to perform this using my actuals June 2008 to May 2009 data and also need to load the planning data.

Whether the Actuals and planning data will be stored in the same fact table? If not what are all the respective tables for Actuals and Planning?

2) Once I load the Actuals and Planning, how do I project the trend for 2010?

Can the gurus can explain me the steps that I have to perform to achieve the above tasks?



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Well, this may not be the whole answer, but here is my advice. The data loaded into an application is ALL stored in the same set of FACT tables. JUst in different slices; for example, the ACTUAL slice versus the PLAN slice. So once you load the data, then you need to determine how you will build your calculation of the TREND.

My advice is to build it in Excel 1st, then figure out if you need to then replicate the calculation in some form of script logic, stored procedure etc, for future runs. It will be easy, depending on your level of dimensions and volume of data to pull in the data into excel, calculate the trend, and apply that against the planned values or history. BPC will model what you build and doesn't come with pre-packaged model capabilities.

Hope that helps.