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Performance of BPC 10 report

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I have a BPC report that has about 45,000 rows and 10 columns. it takes about 5 minutes to refresh. I do have surpress On, not a lot of formating, not a single dimension formula. How do I improve performance? the reason why it has 45k rows, because dpending on what the user selects in context, the different set of rows have data. so usually report only has about 200 rows with data, but it has to look at 45k rows. please adivse.     

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Answers (2)

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Hi Manny,

From the front end, there is no other way of improving the performance; since you have already ruled out the dimension formulae, formatting, etc.

You have a total of 4,50,000 data cells. Without suppression, how many data cells will be there? The usual behavior is that it will first fetch all the records depending on the context, and then the suppression will be applied.

Moreover, if the number of records in the system is huge, then it might have an impact. You can try to full optimize the model with zero suppression.

Hope this helps.

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Optmization of model will increase performance.

Check below notes related to performance.

Note 1634922 - BPC 10.0 NW Collective Note for Performance Improvement

Note 1792408 - BPC Parallel Execution Framework