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Pass current view selections to ScriptLogic

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Hi Expert,

I'd like to run a script using some of the parameters that the user selects in the current view parameters. So far I know that I can use the option PROMPT(SELECTINPUT to allow the user to enter parameters in the package. However, what can we do to actually read some parameters from the current view?

So if a user is working for Entity "US" I just want to pass this value into the package without asking the user to manually enter it before running the script.


Alberto S.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Alberto ,


here is what the help has to say..

The keyword %DIMNAME% can be adjusted to return only the prefix or the suffix of a member name.

For example, if the passed member set for the TIME dimension contains the member: 2001.JAN

The keywords: will return:

%TIME% 2001.JAN



Here is an example that uses the prefix keyword to perform an allocation:


*DIMENSION TIME=descendants([time].[],99,leaves)



Chek the how to use BPC scripting logic for more details...

hope this helps.......

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Thank you very much for your answer.

I just wrote a quick test based on your explanation which I'm not sure that is really working, although is generating some data.

Would you say that we could use %DIMNAME% as in the logic code below?



*IS *



Thank you,


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To be honest...i'm a lil week on the script logic side boss

i looked up the available keywords in SQL logic for your criterion and posted it .

looking at your code

You are for sure missing *COMMIT to write the values generated to the db.

hope this helps...

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Thanks for your reply. The *COMMIT statement is not necessary. The *REC statement is enough to write to the db.


Alberto Sabate

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well!!!..thank you alberto..for that tip...

i'll test that up..

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Did that work for you? We are working on a solution to the same issue.

Passing the currentview member into the script logic.

Please let us know if you have resolved it. Thanks, Max

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From: alberto.sabate

Sent: Wednesday, June 03, 2009 3:46 AM

To: Maximilian Weisheit

Subject: Re: SAP Forum Thread (CV to Script Logic)

Hi Maximilian,

... I'm working in my own BPC system trying to evaluate how good BPC is compare to the "former" SAP planning tools.

Anyway, regarding your question, there is just no document whatsoever that actually shows this done. I was surprise that my question was not answer as I find this requirement very simple. I'm guessing that the dstx file requires a command like "Execute formulas,REPLACEPARAM...." to pass the variables from the package to the script.

However, I'm starting to think that maybe the system is not able to read the user selected variable values while running a script, because they are locally stored. You probably neeed to pass them to the package and then pass them to the script.

Anyway, I'm still working on it and testing a few things. If I get something useful I'll let you know. If you do, please also let me know.


Alberto Sabate

(Thanks for the info! --- as replied, we also working on it. and will keep us updated how the matter will beresolved. - Thanks again, Max)

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