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Package limitation

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Hi All,

Do we have constraint when loading the data using the Copy package.

I found a SAP Note 1353260 which states about the package limitation.

If we have more data for loading, we do in chunks.

The data loaded was very less than 2.5M records. Then why is this threshold?




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Just few observations:

1. Copy package by default is not adding the records into wb table (it is working the same way like import or clear package).

2. Standard Dm packages was not created for big amount of data because these packages is checking each row and of course the performances are notso good.

These packages was created for small amount of data something till 500k because for more it will take too long.

Advantage of these packages is that you can run DM packages with users online.

But when you actually import a lot of data then we can say the system can be offline because any way majority of data is missing.

So in that case custom packages using bulk import or Store procedure it can really help because it will work much faster (3-4 times faster or even morefaster).

So probably it will be a good enhancement request to ask Development to provide DM packages to move big amount of data.

Packages like: Clear, Import and Copy.

I hope this will help you to take the right decision regarding when you have to use standard packages and when it is better to custom packages.


Sorin Radulescu