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Package and Logic

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I want to run a logic file for a set of account-members that the user selected in a package.

I copied the ecelim package and call my lgf logic file from the package - this still works fine.

But it seems instead of filling the selected members into my list, the lists variable name is used in the logic.

Which prompt commands do I have to use in the dtsx file to be able to select several accounts and how can I access the selection (list?) in the script logic?

Right now, I have something like:

SELECT(SLECTINPUT,,%ACCLIST%,"Select members you want to use...",%TIME_DIM%,%ACCOUNT_DIM%%CATEGORY_DIM%)

Btw: what is the difference of first variable, second variable? Would firstvariable take the selected members of the first dimension (here: time) and the second variable the memebrs of 2nd dimension (here: account)?!

And in the script file that is called I have:

//do some allocation with %ACCT%

When I check the debug logic, looks as if "%ACCLIST%" (the list's name) is used as account and not a specific member...

Does sb know: How to read a list of members (selection) into variable in the package and how to use this list in the related script logic file correctly?

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Answers (2)

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Sorry, can't find it any more.

Here is what I did to make it work:

Define package and in it, use prompt(...) command to make it possible to select members.

So basically user does the selection when the package is run...

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answered with other thread and experimenting

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Could you please provide the link to the thread which answered your query.