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P&L statement accounts required to show in cashflow using secondary hierarchy

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I have P&L statement wherein few GL accounts are part of cashflow statements , but in cashflow I don't want to show all P&L accounts so for that purpose I have created two hierarchy 1)P&L 2) Cashflow, so the problem here is net profit is part of P&L statement and net profit is not appearing in cashflow  as an item


but in data action advance formula also its not allowing to select cashflow node.I want to assign in cashflow ,due to secondry hierarchy childs are not showing

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In DA if you need to access cashflow Accounts, you need to set the Account to the second hierarchy.

CONFIG.HIERARCHY =[d/Account].[h/HierarchyName2]

For reporting you could just create a calculated Account for NET profit by assigning it the top PL Account node and use this in CF hierarchy.