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one single contract for all

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     I want to create one single contract for lease, service, and deposit, is it possible, here the account to be posted is different, is it possible.

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Dear Chandra,

Yes its possiable in REFX module.You create a REFX contract and add different conditions as below in the contract @ conditions tab.

Lease/ Rent value

service charges

Security deposit ...etc Like this you can add multiple conditions / charges under under one contract.

You can assign a different flow types & Different GL accounts for each that your postings will be clear & reporting also easy.

Pls try to refer the below link for more details on Assigning Conditions



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HI subbarao,

    Thanks it worked fine, but my service charge is varying every month. how i can enter actual amount while posting.

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Hi Chandra,

In this case if you want to post the actual value every month you have to use a "one-time condition type". You can influence that using the "condition purpose" which sets the tick at one-time. You can do this manually or configure the condition type to always use a one-time condition purpose. Optionally you specify a separate due date for this condition type. When running the periodic posting this condition type will included together with the other condition types.

Regards, Andre