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One-shot events

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Hi guys!

I am in doubt about de One-shot events. How to detect/use some of them.

Suspencion: is it used in both cases (canceling and locking contracts)?

The Help SAP portal says about the one-shot events below:

But at Core Tool I have only the following events available:

I am working with the following version:

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Hi Eduardo,

I'm currently unable to find the documentation you reference (partly because the web site isn't fully available right now).
Is it also for CC 2022 FPS 1?
Can you please send the direct link here?

Best regards.

SAP Convergent Charging Support

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OK François.

Thanks a lot for the clarification.

I hope you can advise me on the following situation.

The scenarium occur on a Telco company.

The end user ask for a temporary suspension of his subscription. Along this suspencion period the telco services will not be provided, and the end user will not be charged.

How ever, there is a period of time since the last invoice, till the suspension date, that must be charged.

How manage this situation?

I am understending that, to change de Operational status to Lock is not recomended.

Is there a standard way at BRIM to manage this situation?