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OGA codes in GTS

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I do not have much experience with GTS, but I have been trying to set up something similar to OGA codes. However the logic seems to work only for the tariff code numbers like HTS. But is it possible to set them up for the export/import lists ? Am I going in the right direction?

Thank you in advance

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Hello Elzbieta,

There is a lot of functionality built into the Authority Codes that does not exist within legal control. But you could consider creating a new legal regulation for a specific regime if your company is willing to do some sort of dual classification (one for true legal control and another for the authority you're considering). For example, if the company sells children's products and is subject to CPSIA requirements, you could set up a CPSIA legal regulation and they would have to perform normal ECCN classification on their exports, but perform CPSIA "classification" for purchase orders. They would maintain a "legal control" on the product master and a certificate (license) to purchase the goods. It is a lot of maintenance and is best feasible if the company is subject to another regime like that. Having done both the true OGA/PGA way and the legal control way, the OGA/PGA is obviously much easier because it is built into the record and the data that comes from the data provider.