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NAKISA SAP Integration

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I understand that Lease management solution by NAKISA is natively can be integrated with SAP , And maximum 4 SAP systems we can integrate . As far as I have seen documentation by NAKISA all BAPI’s are natively integrated in NAKISA and also its part of the admin console setup(Application menu->Settings->BAPI Settings).

I have following two questions

1.Can we integrate Nakisa with SAP PI/PO(SAP Integration tool) ? Is there any document which could explain this ?

2.If SAP system is hosted on cloud we cannot use the BAPI/RFC calls in this case we need to use ODATA services ? How do we integrate this ODATA ? I cannot see any place in admin console or settings where we can give this information . Please share documents if you have any related to this.

3. In Data Connections we are only giving the connection details to login to SAP system and also in BAPI settings we are giving the BAPI names . Where do we specify the RFCDESTINATION NAKISA should use ? And also when SAP returns back Asset numbers for example how SAP knows it should send it to NAKISA , Do we need to create any RFC destination for NAKISA in SAP as well ?

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