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Multiple account hierarchies

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Hi all,

I need to add another hierarchy to my account dimension so the total would be three hierarchies.

I have added PARENTH3 property to the dim and go to the member sheet. When I select Process dim I get the following error:

- Your Excel sheet or source table must include the FORMULAH3 property.

Now, I added this column to the member sheet and process the dimension again but the system return this message:

-The number of parentH columns cannot be different than the number of hierarchies.

However, I have this property defined and when I remove H3 columns from the member sheet, the system requires to add them.

Obviously I'm missing something here but don't seem to figure that out.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Hi Madis,

In the properties of the dimension, dont mention any properties for PARENTH. Keep only the property for FORMULA. You will get another property SOLVEORDER automatically. Process the properties.

Then, go to the member sheet and add your 3 hierarchies and 3 columns for formulas as well. Now, process your dimension.

Hope this helps.