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method based miltipliers bpc 10.1 nw

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Hi all!!

We are implementing the starter kit for SAP BPC 10.1 nw. We need to add the proportional consolidation method. What multipliers have to modified to include the proportional method? or we need to create new ones?

This is the starter kit multipliers:

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Monica,

Since this IFRS content uses integration mode (or integration rules), the multiplier type is not relevant.

Therefore you need to adjust all existing multipliers where the methods are Holding or Full (for both entity and interco).

You need to replace "1" by PCON.

For multipliers used in intercompany eliminations, you need to adjust the lines because when an internal operation is recorded betwen an entity using proportional and an interco using holding/full/proportional method, the elimination must be recorded with the lower rate between the entity and the interco with the formula MIN(PCON,I_PCON).